Navchetana Repertory
Navchetana repertory has produced and staged a good number of dance dramas on Biblical and social themes. Some of the popular ones are – Dayasagar, Paul the Mystic, Jwala, A Journey into the Heart of Mary Magdalene, YESUPRIYA- The Beloved of Jesus, JALGATHA- Saga of water, SHILA- the Stone Heart, Sanjeevan Jal, Suryagayatri etc. Most of them were telecast on TV also.


If the life and teachings of Jesus can be summarised in two terms it would be Great love and great compassion. ‘Dayasagar’ shows the love and compassion of Jesus. This dance drama was first staged on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of the Archdiocese of Bhopal. Around two hundred artists were on the stge. Classical and contemporary dance styles were used in the choregraphy of this dance.

The dance drama was written and directed by Fr. James M L CMI and music is by Meghdeep Bose. The programme was produced by Fr. Josen CMI.

2. Paul the Mystic

Paul of Tarsus was once known as Saul, the persecutor of Christians before he became the disciple of Christ and Apostle of Love. Paul the Mystic dance drama depicts his transformation. By the power of Christ his hatred and hostility turned to love. He realised: “without love I am nothing.” In his commitment to Christ he said, “Nothing can separate me from the love of Christ.” He burned with an inner fire and yearned for greater union with Christ: “Life for me is Jesus and death is a gain for me.” Paul’s story is a story of immortal love between God and the human soul.

This dance drama is written and directed by Fr. James M L CMI and music is given by Fr. Sebastian Elavathingal CMI. The choreography is in the Manipuri dance style and is done by Chandra Madhav Barik. The programme is produced by Fr. Seby Pellissery.

3. Jwala - A Journey into the Heart of Mary Magdalene.
Jwala tries to look into the heart of Mary Magdalene from a different perspective and visualizes a woman seeking for self worth, self esteem and self realization. In Mary Magdalene we see the radical discipleship and a call for empowerment. This dance drama is a challenge or beacon of light on the way of empowerment.

Concept: Fr. Seby Pellissery, Script: Archana, Lyrics and Music: Sr. Grace OSF, Lyrics: Fr. John Shibu CMI, Production Manger Fr. Joby Pulikkan CMI, Direction: Manoj Nair.

4. YESUPRIYA- The Beloved of Jesus
This is presented in the classical Bharatnatyam dance drama style starting with Vandana and ending with Tillana. The disciple, the beloved of Jesus follows him through the events in the life of Jesus and experiences the sacred union that “I am in Him and He is in me” Written and Directed by- Fr. James M L CMI, Music: P V Bose, Choreography: PSA Manu, Produced by- Fr. K C Sany CMI

5. JALGATHA- Saga of water
Jalghatha presents water as the gift of life with the message ‘save water, save earth and save life.

It is written by Dr. Jose Sool and produced by Fr. Johnney Pullokaran CMI.


Pukkar, the call of the Atma/Spirit, is a classical dance performance in Khatak style, showing the search of soul for the Ultimate. The inner thirst of the soul motivates her to the call of Lord. The Lord comes to stay in the heart of the person. The indwelling experience leads the person to become a new being.

Songs and Direction: Dr. James M L CMI, Music: Padmashree Abdul lattif Khan, Choreography: Alpana vajpei, Produced by- Fr. Johnson Kannanaickal CMI


Shanti Ki Ore- Towards peace, a ballet in different Indian dance forms. The expectations of the nations for the coming of the Saviour and the Prince of Peace are presented as an appeal to work for peace through forgiveness and harmony and through love and service.

Lyrics: Dr. James M L CMI and Jose Sool, Direction: Fr. John Paul, Choreography: PSA Manu


In Sanjeeval Jal Jesus is presented as the Living water. The dance drama explore’s the story of the Samaritan woman in a new light.

Written by Dr. James M L CMI, Choreography: Krishnan


Surygayatri is a search for God and its realization depicted through three women characters in Bible- Mary, the Mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene and the Samaritan woman.

Written by- Fr. James M L CMI, music: Chimanbhai Thapovan, Choreography: Mrinalini Sarabhai and Mallika Sarabhai, Produced by Fr. Justin Akkara CMI

10. SHILA- the Stone Heart

Shila is a voice against discrimination on the basis of birth and any form of discrimination. The theme is based on a folk story. Caste discrimination very often takes many cruel forms. A dance drama in the classical Bharatnatyam style focuses on the evils of discrimination.

Written and Directed by- Fr. James M L CMI, Music: Anoop Sharma, Choreography: PSA Manu, Produced by- Fr. Justin Akkara


This dance drama the first one in the repertory of Navchetana was staged more than 75 times in different cities in India. It presents the life of Christ through different dance forms.

Written and Directed by Fr. James M L CMI, Music: Anto Amarnad, Choreography: PSA Manu, Parvati Datta