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About Us

Navchetana, the Madhya Pradesh Regional Communication Centre, Bhopal, an apostolate of the CMI St. Paul Province, Bhopal, was established in 1990 at the request of the Bishops Council of Madhya Pradesh to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ through performing arts and media productions. It promotes all classical and folk arts especially of central India. Navchetana envisages a society animated and integrated by the age old noble values of Indian culture and tradition.

Navchetana is a Registered Society (Reg.No. 952/92) under the Madhya Pradesh Societies Registration Act 1973. Our Music and dance training programmes are accredited by Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad. The Centre offers various academic courses in classical music (vocal & instrumental), dance (Bharatnatyam & Kathak) and theatre. The media productions include audio and video programmes on a variety of themes like National integration, religion, value education, social awareness, education, art and culture.

Our street play unit has staged shows all over M.P. and C.G. with various themes on social awareness. Navchetana’s training team tours villages and towns and train children and adults in street play and equip them with fundamentals of theatrics. These street play groups then perform the plays in schools, village squares and city streets with appreciable success.

Media Productions are a major work of Navchetana. Eighteen video cassettes and CDs and thirty audio cassettes and CDs on devotional songs have been brought out by Navchetana and most of them have been telecast by Doordarshan and other National channels. Navchetana has also produced a number of programmes for exclusive stage shows on request. Our ballets and mega shows have toured extensively in the state and the metros of India and have won wide acclamation.


Homilies for Sundays and weekdays of the liturgical calendar of every cycle are regularly posted on our website www.navchetana.com on every Thursday of the forthcoming week. These weekly homilies are the collective contributions of many Bishops, Priests and Deacons who are experts in the ministry of preaching and teaching the Word of God. Hence one can expect richness, depth and variety and of course a lot more scope for your own ingenuity and rhetoric through these homilies. We hope the clergy and the faithful will richly benefit from these homilies.

Value Education

The Value Education Department of Navchetana targets the student community and the teachers’ fraternity. It functions include organizing training programmes for educators of all levels and the students. Our expert team also visits schools and communities to offer interactive seminars, competitions, exhibitions, talks on career & life guidance and media education.


Heights Students’ Magazine is published by Navchetana to promote value consciousness in the student community with a view to found a value based Indian society. The world today is flooded with information through the modern media of communication, also creating value confusion in the young generation. Heights helps students sort out the right values to succeed in life. Our regular columns open up the vistas for right career choices and life guidance. This English magazine in the sixteenth year of its publishing is in wide circulation all over the country. Heights Students’ Magazine offers its readers a platform for creativity and self expression, bringing to fruition their literary talents. After making successful strides in the field of value education and life skill promotion, Heights now intends to reach out to every student in our country. Each issue of Heights highlights a particular value with a detailed exposition and discussion points for study in the classroom and also includes all regular features of a student’s magazine with stories, speeches, competitions, cartoons, science quiz etc. An elite team of renowned writers, educationists, psychologists, doctors, religious leaders, motivational gurus, media persons, social activists, and artists regularly features in Heights. Students’ literary and artistic contributions are most welcome to the Heights pavilion. Heights also organizes regular on –stage and off- stage competitions.